UVC Smart Toilet Sterilizer LZ-M

Product details:

• Sterilization rate of 99.99%

• Product Size : 155*60*26mm

• Wireless

• Easy to use

• Easy to install

• Destroy odor causing bacteria

• Rechargeable

• Hands-Free Sterilization

• Note : Please Charge for more than 6 hours before the first use


Technical Specification

Product model number : LZ-M

Working Temperature : 0-50°C

Operating Humidity : 30-90%RH

Input voltage : DC5V

Input current : 400mA

Operating voltage : DC3.7V

Working current : 320mA

Sterilization power : 1.2W

Sterilization wavelength : 253.7nm.

Batter Model/Capacity : 18650/1600mAh

Product net weight : 96g

Product gross weight : 285g

Product size : 155*60*26mm

How to Use

1. Initial charging time is 6 hours.

2. Silicon solar panels can be charged with room light.

3. Clean the toilet cover before installation.

4. Stick the backplate directly to the toilet cover and let it sit for 24 hrs before use.

5. Attach the UVC Smart Toilet Sterilizer unit to the backplate.

6. Turn the power switch on and close the toilet cover. A blue light will turn on for 10 seconds, aftewards, sterilization will begin and last for 20 seconds. The blue light will remain on for another 10 seconds. The process in total will take about 40 seconds to complete.

7. Light will automatically shut off when the cover is lifted.

3. Clean the toilet cover before installation.

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