UVC LED Sterilization Bag HSU-015

Product details:

• Sterilization rate of 99.99%

• Product Size : 245*195*150mm

• Radiation free, safe and reliable

• 24 UVC LED lamps

• 3min Rapid Disinfection

• Environment Friendly

• For daily use of small objects, such as mobile phone, electronic products, women's cosmetics, baby nipples, and other small objects.

• Package includes : UVC LED Sterilization Bag , Holder and User Manual


Operation Mode

1. Open the zipper bag, put the items to be sterilized, and close the zipper bag.

2. Connect the power, the button light is always on.

3. Click the button to start the cycle. Light will switch off automatically after 3 minutes.

4. Disconnect the power, open the zipper bag, and take out the items.

5.Important : if the power light is flashing when the power is connected, it means that the magnetic switch is not engaged

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