Personal Air Purifier (HSU-016)

Product details:

• Product Size : 200x130x50mm

• Capacity: Lithium battery 500 mAh

• Charging time : 2-3 Hours

• Zero ozone and without radiation, more safe and healthy.

• It protects you specially during the flu season.

• Can last up to 150 hours in one charge

• Input Interface : USB Type-C

• Package Includes : Air Purifier , USB Type C and User Manual Small and Portable



1 .Make sure the unit is turned 'OFF'

2. Plug one end of the USB cable into the unit's jack and the other end into any powered USB port. A red light will indicate that the unit is charging.

3. Once fully charge, the light will no longer light up.

4. Normal charging is between 2-3 Hours.


1. Turn the unit 'ON', A green light will blink to indicate power and the unit is doing its work.

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