Health Guard Smart UVC Sterilizing Box with Wireless Charging (HG-SBX)

Product details:

• Sterilization rate of 99.99%

• Product Size :220mm*124mm*50mm (LxWxH)

• 3-min Sterilization

• Smart Anti-Exposure

• 3min Rapid Disinfection

• Safe, Reliable and Portable

• Rated Input : 5V / 2A

• Input Interface : USB Type-C

• Number of LED Lamp Beads : 6*5mW

• UVC LED Wavelength : 260-280nm

• Lamp Life : > 1000 Hours

• Wireless Charging (Note : All mobile phones supported wireless charging can use this feature.)

• Package includes : Smart UVC Sterilizing Box, User Manual and Type-C Cable


Usage Guide

1 .Power your device by plugging the USB Type-C cable.

2. Place the items inside the box and close the lid.

3. Press once the power button for quick sterilization mode for three (3) minutes.

4. Press twice the power button for standard sterilization mode for fifteen minutes.

NOTE : To use wireless charger, make sure that the Smart UVC Sterilizing Box is plugged in. Place your wireless charging-enabled smartphone on top of the wireless charging cover then press the power button once to activate, press twice to turn off.

Indicator Information


Purple Light (Breathing) - Quick Sterilization Mode (3 Minutes)

Purple Light (Blinking) - Standard Sterilization Mode (15 Minutes)

Blue Light - Sterilization Over


Blue Light (On) - Wireless Charging is active

Blue Light (Off) - Wireless Charging is inactive

Red Light (Blinking) - Unable to charge device wiselessly

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