Sterilization card

Air Sterilization Card (HG-ASC)

Product details:

• 99.9% Bacteriostatic Rate

• Size : W55xH80xD5mm

• Contains Chlorine dioxide

• Main Ingredients : Chlorine Dioxide, Sodium Chlorite and Natural Zeolite

• Package Includes : 1 Air Sterilization card + 1 Lanyard

• Validity : 30 days upon opening



1 . Take out the “air sterilization card” from the aluminum foil sealing bag.

2. You can hang in front of one’s chest or in a variety of small spaces (baby room, studying room or car, etc.) where there is a need to sterilize and deodorize. It can be put under sheets and pillows to kill mites, and placed inside boots, sport shoes to deodorize and prevent fungal growth.

3. Mask, gloves, mobile phones, glasses, baby products, underwear and other sterilized objects can be put together with this product in a sealed container for 30 minutes.


• Avoid direct contact with skin. Should this happen and cause allergy or irritation, wash it off with water and discontinue use.

• Do not open the inner packaging to avoid leak (which can cause discoloration of cloth)

• Keep it out of reach of children

• Do not wear when sleeping

• Store in cool and dry place

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